Friday, November 18, 2011

Gearing up for colder weather hikes!

Cold Weather Hiking
Are You and Your k9 Ready??

Cold weather doesn't only occur in winter but also in the early spring and late autumn as well, so it is your job to make sure you and your pup are well preparedA reliable way of keeping warm for us humans during these hikes is to create body heat and by doing that you must keep moving.  

The best way to dress for our cold weather hikes is in layers of lightweight clothing.  The layers are removed and reapplied as needed to stay warm when going on inclines, when trails level out or when stopping to rest. Make sure you bring a change of clothing for the end of the hike. When you stop moving you stop generating heat and the dampness of your under layers and socks will get a chill.  Dry clothes help!

Your gear should consist of:
-Long underwear
-Hiking pants/ shirts
-Wind clothing (Even if you are wearing a wind resistant insulating jacket, a separate wind jacket is advised)  
-Stocking cap 
-Winter Footwear (Boots that are made with rubber lowers and leather uppers) 
-Socks  (A spare set of liners and socks should always be carried)

Your pups winter gear should consist of:
-Fitted jacket that covers chest area
-Hiking k9 booties 
-Freedom harness
-Long line
-6ft leash
-Doogles (help with windy days) ;)
-Backpack for your pup to carry some of his/her gear

Links for your PUPS winter gear!

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